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Users must register for Azure prior to February 26th or lose access to Tundra Web

STEP ONE: Log into Tundra Web and update your email address in My Profile

  • UPSers - use your ADID@ups.com or name@ups.com email address
  • Non-UPSers - use any valid email address of your choice

STEP TWO: Click HERE to register with Azure

  • Non-UPSers: When you are redirected to the Azure login screen, click the "Sign up Now" button
  • UPSers: Click on the UPS button on the bottom of the Azure screen
  • Enter the same email address that you have in your Tundra profile
  • Follow the steps to verify your account

Now you are all set with Azure! Until the Tundra login screen switches over to Azure in March, you may still log in using your Tundra credentials or click the Azure link above to login through Azure.

Planned outage on Sunday January 23, 2021, from 08:00 EST to 12:00 EST. All uploads and downloads will be suspended during this period. Scanning can continue in batch mode until the web connection is available again.